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What do you think of the way I RP? All feedback is very much appreciated! Comment screening is on, by the way.
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[Got a message for Zelgius? Leave it here!]

This is Zelgius. Please leave a message and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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▼ Zelgius [ OU ]
Birthday: January 10th
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Soul Arcana: The Emperor
Unlucky Arcana: Judgement , The Sun, The Chariot & The Fool
String Color: [#B51919]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Zelgius is a loyal soldier to the core, fighting for his masters without hesitation. His true trust is difficult to gain, and he keeps quite a few secrets about himself.

▼ Visual
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▼ Profile
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▶ [Persona information in the comments.]
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Greetings. You have reached Zelgius. I am not available right now, so please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Do you want a quick thread with Zelgius? Then feel free to post here! Be sure to let me know what kind of post it is, though- action, voice, or text. Put that in the subject line, please.
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[Zelgius has decided that he likes just communicating by voice better. Sometimes he can't seem to get the camera right and it makes things more complicated. So a voice post it is.]

Greetings, everyone. I have been thinking about the recent draft, and I realized that quite a lot of the technology was far beyond my grasp. Many of the orders that were given out involved the droids. I am glad I did not have to work with their controls, for I don't think I could have.

So now I ask you... how do some of you cope with the strange technology in Luceti? I would like to know how to operate this technology in case I need to. Is it true that there are machines that wash your clothes for you? That seems very convenient, and I would like to use one if they are in Luceti. I would like to know how to use the food-cooking machines as well. A stove seems simple enough- it creates a fire to cook over- but what is this "microwave?" I would appreciate any assistance in understanding what this world has to offer.
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[Nope, no video for Zelgius this time. But he does have some questions for Luceti.]

I have come to realize that Luceti has many strong fighters. My question is: where did you get your fighting experience from? Have you all trained by your own choice, or is it a part of your background?

Thank you for satisfying my curiosity in advance.
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[Zelgius was heading back to his apartment from the Battledome when he saw the cluster of people. This was odd; the plaza could be crowded, but never like this. He waded into the crowd, carefully avoiding bumping into people as he went.]

Excuse me- I'm coming through- what on Earth is going on here?
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[When Zelgius lands, he lands in a most ungainly fashion right on top of his journal, triggering a video feed. He is dressed in the standard New Feather attire of white cotton pants, exposing his back to the camera. For a moment before he moves away, a a strange marking is partially visible on his back, under one dark blue Lucetian wing. It takes him a moment to fully come to, but when he does, he immediately scrambles for the shirt by his side and pulls it on. He had no idea if he was still in Tellius after what had happened (he had just lost consciousness after a duel to the death, after all), but if he was, he wasn't going to risk letting anyone see his brand (never mind that observant viewers might have already seen it, unbeknownst to him).

His red and gold armor is beside him, which is a bit strange considering that he was in a completely different suit of armor when he blacked out, but it's reassuring to him nonetheless. He can put it on in a moment (he had quite a good amount of experience with putting it on by himself); right now he needs to check his surroundings. He turns around, and his gaze finally lands on the journal.]

What is this? A book...?

[He stares at it (and the camera) for a moment, sets it down, then gets to work on putting his armor on. Care to talk to the New Feather and get him to pay attention to the journal?]
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